Thursday, March 7, 2013

Your Thoughts - Your Integrity

Your Thoughts - Your Integrity       


Do you treasure your thoughts:
’A writers integrity is his thoughts.’  A writer should value one’s own thoughts then they will automatically be valued by others – for those starting their careers with writing. As, the published writers certainly master it through their intimacy. Yet, at every phase of writing one must treasure, mellow and shape thoughts. Here are reliable forewarnings to be marked.

Show your color:

 For the writers having just started their careers in writing are not to be carried away by others thoughts. It is required that we read a lot as this profession is of research and work. But reading others writing mustn’t blend you with others writing, shine your thoughts in the publishing world. I find it strange when I read about fear of expressing thoughts, as you get into writing means you are blessed and welcomed in this wonderful world of expressing your thoughts. So, make sure to unveil your esteemed thoughts by amazing manuscripts. 

Evolution and replication of thoughts:

As a baked item tastes delicious only after it is baked, so are one’s thoughts valued only when they are nourished and given an impression. This is the middle, most important part towards destiny of your cherished thoughts. A novelist writing novel do requires motivation while he writes the mainstream of the book, because there is block of ideas there. It is human nature- there is excitement and joy when you start any new act, even at the end when you achieve satisfaction. During the process creator requires patience, hints and ideas. How to write? Which style to adopt? ... Where to publish?      For having the answers to these manifold questions I would better suggest to visit

On a silver platter:

 A good presentation is essential for every minor job. Well! Here we are talking about creative work which is next to impossible if not taken on a silver platter. Imagine a gift without wrapper and bow, painting without colors, shoes without lace, a menu card without the list of items… oh, my God! It sounds funny, weird. Whereas, it makes one joyous to receive a gift beautifully packed or looking at a painting with wonderful colors. By creating angelic writing from your own thoughts; Do you imagine the number of hearts you make happy? Sustain your vibrant thoughts.
Good luck!

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