Wednesday, June 12, 2019

"My first award for writing"

Rejection and criticism work wonders on improving our talent. At the same time appreciations give us power and confidence that was left away when deeply involved in improving one's skill.

After often rejections and failures with my writing. I was extremely happy to receive reader's choice award for short fiction story. I have just one thing to say, "Never lose hope" and one day you surely reach your goal. 

Well! If any fear or phobia comes in your way towards your most desiring dream. Read out my award winning story - " Victory Beyond Fear" and achieve your dreams and set your soul free.

Happy Reading!!

Friday, June 19, 2015

''Waiting for my bundle of Joy''

The smile which will make me in love with, the eyes through which I will live my dreams, the little hands that will hug me, are being lovingly shaped by the only creator Almighty God. Yes! the little angel is on the way to come into the beautiful world. Coming September, my life will change completely when I will be promoted as a ''Mommy''.

This awaited feeling is most beautiful than any other I have experienced in my life. It's beauty is that you have to wait very patiently and happily. Perhaps, whenever you wait for something special to happen in your life; you tend to be aggressive, excited, sad or curious depending on your conditions of fulfillment. But here is a complete twist, I am waiting for my baby - who is presently experiencing every emotion of mine and is being nurtured by my thoughts and food. So, I am not impatient or too excited due to which I am able to enjoy every moment of gestation. Also the cutie smiles I see of little naughty babies, in the pics which are displayed all over my room (thanks to my husband) puts off all stress and tiredness of the day.

My imaginations are flying high. I have started day dreaming, I use to never think much about future. But these days as the baby is growing and kicking in the womb; she makes me realize her presence and I get carried away by sweet dreams. It is like an artist painting a picture, who paints lovingly and continuously visualizing the final view of his art piece. Alike a farmer who plants a tree, nourishes regularly  and also imagine the fruit of the tree years after. The pleasure lies not only in creating and looking after, but also in visualizing for the final lovely creation.

Thus, I am and will be enjoying every moment of upcoming surprise - ''my little bundle of joy''                                                                                                                                                                                                          

Friday, August 15, 2014

My resolution for this ''Independence Day''

My resolution for this ''Independence Day''

                                         ''Strength is life,
                                         weakness is death''

A very happy 68th Independence to all Indians. How did you celebrate this pious day of freedom? But of course, on this day each one of us love to salute our flag with utmost pride and honor. The entire environment showers the love for our nation. The national flag unfurled in air under the blue vast sky; the Prime Minister's speech, the patriotic songs, the fresh breeze of this morning, the synchronized  marching parade and the nationalistic feelings of all Indians challenges us to live for ''India'' 

In the current time, as the Prime Minister - Mr. Narendra Modiji is engaged in rising and reforming the country in all better ways. It is our responsibility(of all Indians) to help him glorify the nation. This isn't a small responsibility; So lets start by taking small steps. I kept thinking on one good job which I can do today for my country. Although, I had many ideas which ended with buts....and there were excuses in conclusion to avoid those bright ideas. 

Hence, I decided of one task which I am capable to think and do as well. And that is - '' Looking at the positive side of country always'' This means I would never criticize my country but praise for its achievements. An issue gets doubled if we keep talking about it and worry for it. Well! India is highly populated country where it is obvious to face some problems.As my master 'Anandmurti Gurumaa' says - ''you are what you think and your thoughts have all potential to be real one day, so keep watch on your thoughts.'' 

For today I appreciate Narendra Modiji's thoughts and speech, particularly his appeal for peace and development. Also his request to all for not having sex discrimination and promoting girl child.
In detail please watch -

I am proud to be an Indian 

Wednesday, April 23, 2014

Mesmerizing Beauty of cherry blossom.

Spring in its full bloom at Stockholm.

The first time I saw the blossom in cherry trees last year at Stockholm. I was amazed to see the beauty of nature. Not able to describe its awesome beauty in words, I only adored the magic by intensely watching it.
Fortunately, this year again I've got the golden chance to admire the creation of Almighty. So, this time I will leave no stone unturned in sharing the experience of feeling beautiful nature from closest.

When does this magic take place? The cherries usually blossom in the end of April or start of May every year. This time we are lucky to have them since 19th of April. It gives lovely visual sign for the start of spring season. The sunny and warm days are on the horizon. It seems like trees are greeting to summer and warmth, which arrives after a long wait in this extremely cold place.

With the cherry blossom, everyone in the city senses a sudden enthusiasm. People spend time with friends and families, they love being out in Sun. Obviously as they hardly get sunny days. I and my husband have realised the value of Sun after coming to Stockholm. It is fun to have a lunch under the flowery trees or simply lie down and cherish them. I being a writer, enjoy reading, writing and thinking of ideas while sitting under them. 

The loveliest view is at kungstragarden, which is located in the centre of the city. Before few years, 63 'Sakura' trees were planted here. These cherry trees were brought from Japan. The densest view of this natural show, can be seen here. In other parts of the city, these trees are in small groups. If cold temperature is maintained, the flowers survive for 7 to 8 days. Or else, if it is too hot then we have them for 3 to 4 days. They need cold weather to flourish. The beauty of these cherry trees is must watch if you are in Stockholm during this time. 

Thursday, March 6, 2014

Call of the nature.

Nature keeps ringing all around me; I can hear the bells of divinity
everywhere and at all times. The rising of the sun, a fresh start to the day arouses my mind to work in a new way. All the atmospheric changes throughout the day, season and year indicates that everything in this world is changeable.

The above natural view was captured by me one evening during a cruise trip. The amazing shades in the sky form the best example of the creativity of nature. It tells me of my opportunities to create something new every day. The dense boundary of trees signifies the love of God which is the ultimate outer limit for all humans. The stagnant water reflecting the sunlight symbolizes whatever you do, comes back to you. A ton of thanks to my lovely master- Anandmurti  Gurumaa. I can hear these bells of the nature, due to my masters blessings and teachings. Gurumaa is an enlightened master, who shares her experience of journey to truth for those who seek the truth. To know more about her visit this website - 

Thursday, January 16, 2014

Kick off your old hobbies

Kick off your old hobbies

          Have you ever reflected on the hobby that you had in past and which doesn’t exist now?
          If not then please do it now. As we grow old our interests change with the age. I think sometimes changes are not so good. For example, a child likes dancing, playing, singing and other such fun activities. His interests gradually change; going to school, learning different subjects etc perhaps he finds that he likes drawing and literature. When he accompanies his friends in sports, he observes his talent is in a particular game. His search of interests goes on and on. This change of interest might be fair but change of one’s own passion is unfair. In my view a hobby practiced regularly and sincerely makes passion.
          Indeed the above example can be applied to most people’s lives. Because an individual is not practicing her most passionate interest, her soul is consistently looking for what she loves doing. I agree, not each one of us is fortunate enough to choose a career as per his or her hobby. However one should try and maintain one’s hobby. To keep your hobbies honed you need to give some time to it. If not everyday then on weekends; if not in crucial working hours then in free hours.  By spending a little time on hobbies you can experience enormous joy and mastery in your desired field as a reward.
          In my childhood I was good at drawing and I loved drawing human portraits. Although I did not choose a career in arts this hasn’t stopped me from drawing. Of course I come from the same ground and for years I took a break in it. It is just before two years I started again with my drawing. I have never taken any course on it, but now I practice it regularly and this acuminates my drawing skill. When I complete my sketch, it might not be very artistic but I feel like an artist after doing even little of drawing. This content feeling comes with every hobby.
          Some of my sketches

          Apart from satisfaction and happiness hobbies also give us various lessons which enhance our other skills as well. Through sketching I learnt the effects of microscopic changes that can make a drawing better or worse. Gradually I grasped that this perfection is applicable for cooking, writing or in any other field I pursue. Here I would like to include the quote of Dr. Alvaro Pascual-Leone, a professor of neurology at Harvard Medical School: ‘’It may well be a mistake to do just one thing. If you practice multiple things you actually get better at any one of those things.’’
          Find out your old hobby or interest, any activity that gave you joy and thrill. Its memories excite you and make you feel proud. And whenever you think about it, your inner voice calls out, why you have stopped doing it? Remember, it is never too late to chase your interest. Make a fresh start for practicing your fancies. Each small step brings success. Don’t wait for leisure time to perform hobbies, but take out sometime from your tight schedule to make it your leisure time and have fun.




"My first award for writing"

Rejection and criticism work wonders on improving our talent. At the same time appreciations give us power and confidence that was left awa...