Thursday, March 7, 2013

My First Experience In Snowfall

My first experience of snowfall is in Sweden at stockholm, the place itself is amazing but when i saw snow falling all over the surrounding area  'Oh My God!' how lovely it seems.Before two days,it started raining calmly then since yesterday eve there were snow flakes along with the rain drops therefore I decided to go out and saunter it was chill out there but i felt partial snowfall.At night post dinner me and Bittoo stepped out of the house that time it was only snowfall which made us feel 'Out of the world' it went on  overnight and in the morning when we saw outside,  the ambience was as in paradise ''WOW!'' we said, What a view! it was Bittoo got ready for his office whereas I cooked breakfast and meal,but both of us couldn't concentrate on our work as the beauty outside mesmerized us,however managing ourselves he was off for his office.I ceased my work soon and moved out of the backside door to feel the 'Snow' I loved it I took the chunk in my hand and Oh! its so tender as i moved ahead my footprints were seen on the blanket of snow.When I went out in the city the whole town seemed allured except one thing which was bothering me that was 'How the Frost damaged the green plants and how they withered due to freeze?' This question haunted all the while,but as the saying goes ''There is no such thing as free lunch'' hence to cherish the blessings of snow fall i have to relinquish the loss of plants.Antecedent Snowfall Experience.


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