Thursday, March 7, 2013

Happines is in your fist.

Being happy depends on oneself. If, I want I can keep myself happy. we should never blame others for our happiness, but, still its human nature to blame others for mistake.I myself do this many times but end of the day feel sorry for doing the same, moreover I find it was waste of energy and time blaming others.

How to get rid off these vibes?

Answer is within us :)
  Seek for your interests and start doing them that moment. We have to start working with our interests, hobbies, passion, that we enjoy doing, while the emptiness of mind for the negetive vibes is fulfilled by positive aspirations.
If we observe a little child  he/she is busy playing,learning,observing,dreaming etc........Even after tolerating the punishments and reprimands by elders it dares to do what it wishes for but without any complains moves ahead.All of us are same in childhood but as we grow adults we develop challenges, phobia's, jealousy,etc...
on the contrary happiness keeps u away of all these evil thoughts,makes u feel powerful.
In nutshell words quoted by Ralph Waldo Emerson - ''For every minute you are angry you lose sixty seconds of happiness.'' Be Happy Aways.......................

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