Wednesday, November 13, 2013

Entertaining skills on the street

The art or skill in any form has magical power which attracts every soul as per their interests. Street performances are eye catching for every common man as there is no ticket or entry fee charged; it is presented before the public. It appeals to all individuals no matter of what age group or from what profession they are; it awakes interests to those who are unaware of their passion.

As  a picture is worth a thousand words, the above picture tells us the proficiency and travail of the street performers. This act is performed in the avenue of Stockholm, outside one of the shopping cent rum, by a young boy. He first shows the dance performance by a mannequin couple and then presents his juggling skills with fire torches. When both skills are seen together as the mannequin couple is fixed on his back it makes the performance eventful. The crowd,  interested to see his throughout play, is unable to focus on one act. Such versatile performers inflame the interest of their skill to others and we feel happy to gift them some reward for their invaluable skills.

The place or the type of skill does not matter, what matters is idealism and the aptitude of a performer and these rest in every real artist. In a nutshell street performances are not only a mode of entertainment and earning but also of initiating interest for new and various skills among everyone.

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