Wednesday, July 31, 2013

Glimpse of stockholm

Life in the beautiful city Stockholm is peaceful as well as happening. It has been nine months residing here yet the blissful environment of this place rebuffs my home sickness. Being the capital city it is also the most populous city of Sweden. Swedish People are very sweet, helpful, sports loving, artistic and consummate. The chilly season which covers most part of the year is a great fun in itself. The Stockholm archipelago is the largest in Sweden and second largest in the Baltic Sea. It makes the city more wonderful and frames a special artistry to the whole town. So, are you ready to have the narrative view of this classy town? 

Art loving people are definitely going to find this place inspiring and conducive. The abounding attractive museums based on art, history, science and technology and people enhances the grandeur to the town. The islands and parks in and around the city flesh out the rejuvenating atmosphere here. As someone truly said, ‘The human spirit needs place where nature has not been rearranged by the hand of man’. Gamlastan, the old town of Stockholm is imperial and most cherished place of mine.  The medieval alleyways, monarchical buildings, royal palace, beautiful bridge and the fascinating sculptures reveal the history of the old town.

The dignified society reflects their culture. People here are wealthy and they have time to devote to their hobbies which is really good and a blessing they are creative interested in art, music, gardening, etc.  The dedication towards any job they pursue is appreciating and fair. Interest in sports, running and keeping their body toned is common in Swedish people. But the addiction and excessive consumption of alcohol and tobacco is what I dislike about them. 

The atmosphere here is cool throughout the year I loved the chilly snow fall in winters. It is pleasant and lovely place on earth! I am Ashna Chand living in Stockholm as an expat. I am a freelance writer pursuing online course from www.writers Writing is passion and fun for me. It also frames my identity and gives meaning to my life.

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