Monday, July 15, 2013

A Happening Day In a Beach

A Happening Sunny Day

It’s time to freak out with family or friends. The scorching weather impels me to dip in the cool, blue water. The dip which makes me relaxed, relieving all my worries and endowing new zest to my life. The embrace of the water which bestows a dainty jerk first and later pleases me. My husband with whom I have come at a captivating beach, to spend holiday takes me to deeper water and hugs me. Wow! A blissful moment, I felt loved and realized ‘If you smile, life smiles back at you’
The munching of snacks with a toast to acclaim a bright sunny day at beautiful beach is more amusing. The tranquilizing sound of the waves as if they are revealing the secrets of nature. The horizon which seems to be touching the sea initiates to ponder on artistry of nature. A walk on the shore, giggling and sharing thoughts with soul mate, observing people swimming among them, I see a father stimulating his cute little son to swim. This is a wonderful view, he dips him in then takes out, again dips in and takes out and then the little boy runs towards his mother as he is scared of water. But I think this is best age for him to learn being innocent and fearless.
How can a holiday be over without games? Games are fun in itself and during holidays they turn out to be more adventures. I enjoy frisky games which give a good exercise to my butt rather than board games. Hence, we joined a strangers group playing volleyball. Ah! Playing this game after a couple of years is more fun. The Sun wills to set assuring to rise next day and we wave goodbye with a dream to come again.

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