Thursday, March 7, 2013

Visit to Ikea

I have been staying at Stockholm for three months. This place is really very beautiful and serene. I visited the
world’s largest ‘IKEA’ last weekend. IKEA is the world’s largest furniture retailer. It was established in
 1965, by a 17 year old ‘Ingvar Kamprad’ who later became one of the richest people in the world. The
 building is astounding from outside, whereas the domestic structure is creatively ornamented by its own

While we enter we can observe its uniqueness, as we directly enter on the fourth floor, then have to move
downwards. Wow! Simply amazing. In spite of being on the same carpet, I could feel the gusto of various
 privy, living rooms. Well, that is because it is sensibly tabulated. The tip-top furniture included; variety of
splendid sofas, modish lamps, coffee and side tables, storage cabinets, sterling beds, deluxe mattresses,
laundry baskets and many more. I would say for those planning their new home, you don’t need to hire the
 interior decorator. Here, one can easily figure out a perfectly furnished one of their choice.

Moving on, the next two floors seemed ‘Dream world’ not only for elders but children even. The beautiful
curtains, comfy bedroom textiles and peachy children textiles make the ambience amazing. However, there is
 a committed area for children to play like slides, peculiar games and unique tools which they would love to
play. There was one cute little ‘swivel chair’ for kids which my husband loved it, its special feature is it’s
with the hood pulled down the chair is a secret hiding place for a child. Indeed all items for kids were lovely.
 Ooh! The mushroom shaped lamp looked so attractive; I think kids would love to study under it for hours.

Other pieces which dazzled me; the fictitious wall hangings i.e. photos and frames – even design being
 simple their flash on wall glittered, ‘skurar’- the lantern for block candle through which the warm light of
 the candle shines decoratively because of its lace pattern and the glamorous ‘pedant lamps’ and last but not
the least a white colored plant stand which makes it possible to decorate with plants anywhere in the home.
 Although my description will make you feel a drop in the bucket when you personally visit this place.

The last but magically the first floor is mainly for kitchen appliances. I was stunned by the new-fangled tools
featured by their amazing amenities. Moreover we get tips to maintain and organize the heart of the home.
Ground floor has the storage items, whereas it seems to be representative of the whole treasure. As there are
 samples laid out of swimming in products of IKEA. This is not all; there is separate section for foodies here,
which serves yummy snacks, beverages and desserts.

Hence, it was a pleasing visit, after ethical shopping we had a refreshing meal. We had spent five hours
there, the best part was didn’t feel tiresome. This store is an attraction for all age group visitors. It makes
affordable to add to home decors despite of its world class creations. Finally I was happy to know that IKEAwill be soon inaugurating its branch in my country India.

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