Thursday, January 16, 2014

Kick off your old hobbies

Kick off your old hobbies

          Have you ever reflected on the hobby that you had in past and which doesn’t exist now?
          If not then please do it now. As we grow old our interests change with the age. I think sometimes changes are not so good. For example, a child likes dancing, playing, singing and other such fun activities. His interests gradually change; going to school, learning different subjects etc perhaps he finds that he likes drawing and literature. When he accompanies his friends in sports, he observes his talent is in a particular game. His search of interests goes on and on. This change of interest might be fair but change of one’s own passion is unfair. In my view a hobby practiced regularly and sincerely makes passion.
          Indeed the above example can be applied to most people’s lives. Because an individual is not practicing her most passionate interest, her soul is consistently looking for what she loves doing. I agree, not each one of us is fortunate enough to choose a career as per his or her hobby. However one should try and maintain one’s hobby. To keep your hobbies honed you need to give some time to it. If not everyday then on weekends; if not in crucial working hours then in free hours.  By spending a little time on hobbies you can experience enormous joy and mastery in your desired field as a reward.
          In my childhood I was good at drawing and I loved drawing human portraits. Although I did not choose a career in arts this hasn’t stopped me from drawing. Of course I come from the same ground and for years I took a break in it. It is just before two years I started again with my drawing. I have never taken any course on it, but now I practice it regularly and this acuminates my drawing skill. When I complete my sketch, it might not be very artistic but I feel like an artist after doing even little of drawing. This content feeling comes with every hobby.
          Some of my sketches

          Apart from satisfaction and happiness hobbies also give us various lessons which enhance our other skills as well. Through sketching I learnt the effects of microscopic changes that can make a drawing better or worse. Gradually I grasped that this perfection is applicable for cooking, writing or in any other field I pursue. Here I would like to include the quote of Dr. Alvaro Pascual-Leone, a professor of neurology at Harvard Medical School: ‘’It may well be a mistake to do just one thing. If you practice multiple things you actually get better at any one of those things.’’
          Find out your old hobby or interest, any activity that gave you joy and thrill. Its memories excite you and make you feel proud. And whenever you think about it, your inner voice calls out, why you have stopped doing it? Remember, it is never too late to chase your interest. Make a fresh start for practicing your fancies. Each small step brings success. Don’t wait for leisure time to perform hobbies, but take out sometime from your tight schedule to make it your leisure time and have fun.




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