Thursday, March 6, 2014

Call of the nature.

Nature keeps ringing all around me; I can hear the bells of divinity
everywhere and at all times. The rising of the sun, a fresh start to the day arouses my mind to work in a new way. All the atmospheric changes throughout the day, season and year indicates that everything in this world is changeable.

The above natural view was captured by me one evening during a cruise trip. The amazing shades in the sky form the best example of the creativity of nature. It tells me of my opportunities to create something new every day. The dense boundary of trees signifies the love of God which is the ultimate outer limit for all humans. The stagnant water reflecting the sunlight symbolizes whatever you do, comes back to you. A ton of thanks to my lovely master- Anandmurti  Gurumaa. I can hear these bells of the nature, due to my masters blessings and teachings. Gurumaa is an enlightened master, who shares her experience of journey to truth for those who seek the truth. To know more about her visit this website - 

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