Friday, June 19, 2015

''Waiting for my bundle of Joy''

The smile which will make me in love with, the eyes through which I will live my dreams, the little hands that will hug me, are being lovingly shaped by the only creator Almighty God. Yes! the little angel is on the way to come into the beautiful world. Coming September, my life will change completely when I will be promoted as a ''Mommy''.

This awaited feeling is most beautiful than any other I have experienced in my life. It's beauty is that you have to wait very patiently and happily. Perhaps, whenever you wait for something special to happen in your life; you tend to be aggressive, excited, sad or curious depending on your conditions of fulfillment. But here is a complete twist, I am waiting for my baby - who is presently experiencing every emotion of mine and is being nurtured by my thoughts and food. So, I am not impatient or too excited due to which I am able to enjoy every moment of gestation. Also the cutie smiles I see of little naughty babies, in the pics which are displayed all over my room (thanks to my husband) puts off all stress and tiredness of the day.

My imaginations are flying high. I have started day dreaming, I use to never think much about future. But these days as the baby is growing and kicking in the womb; she makes me realize her presence and I get carried away by sweet dreams. It is like an artist painting a picture, who paints lovingly and continuously visualizing the final view of his art piece. Alike a farmer who plants a tree, nourishes regularly  and also imagine the fruit of the tree years after. The pleasure lies not only in creating and looking after, but also in visualizing for the final lovely creation.

Thus, I am and will be enjoying every moment of upcoming surprise - ''my little bundle of joy''                                                                                                                                                                                                          

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