Friday, August 15, 2014

My resolution for this ''Independence Day''

My resolution for this ''Independence Day''

                                         ''Strength is life,
                                         weakness is death''

A very happy 68th Independence to all Indians. How did you celebrate this pious day of freedom? But of course, on this day each one of us love to salute our flag with utmost pride and honor. The entire environment showers the love for our nation. The national flag unfurled in air under the blue vast sky; the Prime Minister's speech, the patriotic songs, the fresh breeze of this morning, the synchronized  marching parade and the nationalistic feelings of all Indians challenges us to live for ''India'' 

In the current time, as the Prime Minister - Mr. Narendra Modiji is engaged in rising and reforming the country in all better ways. It is our responsibility(of all Indians) to help him glorify the nation. This isn't a small responsibility; So lets start by taking small steps. I kept thinking on one good job which I can do today for my country. Although, I had many ideas which ended with buts....and there were excuses in conclusion to avoid those bright ideas. 

Hence, I decided of one task which I am capable to think and do as well. And that is - '' Looking at the positive side of country always'' This means I would never criticize my country but praise for its achievements. An issue gets doubled if we keep talking about it and worry for it. Well! India is highly populated country where it is obvious to face some problems.As my master 'Anandmurti Gurumaa' says - ''you are what you think and your thoughts have all potential to be real one day, so keep watch on your thoughts.'' 

For today I appreciate Narendra Modiji's thoughts and speech, particularly his appeal for peace and development. Also his request to all for not having sex discrimination and promoting girl child.
In detail please watch -

I am proud to be an Indian 

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