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My trip to Delhi (Heart of Hindustan)

     My trip to Delhi (Heart  of Hindustan)

First time I went to Delhi along with my husband on September 19th 2012. We travelled by train which was our first journey in train as well. We were equally excited, after boarding we had a memorable chat - we shared our experiences of our earlier train journeys, recalled the memories of honeymoon, had a pragmatic view of two naughty kids annoying their parents and enjoyed every moment. We were off to sleep early after having dinner and our berths were far off. In the morning having the time to enjoy journey – starting with the coarse tea, reading newspaper, gossiping, cracking jokes, observing travelers and having breakfast (Omlet & Bread).  We reached Delhi at noontime and checked in hotel Parkland, got freshened up and conversed with friends and relatives. As per the plan we were going to meet Bittoo’s friends that day and have fun he has two of his school friends residing at Delhi named Siddharth and Rohit however by the time they get relieved from their offices we were off for window shopping and lunch. We left hotel and went to metro station from where we boarded metro (by and by my first experience). We were seeking for the restaurant suggested by siddharth, strolling around the streets of Delhi was pleasing  however unfortunately we didn’t find that food zone which was replaced by pizza hut and we finally had lunch there. We then moved to visit our national monument India Gate it has a spectacular structure we clicked some moments there, enjoyed sitting and having tea snacks, bought the knitted key chains studded with our names and hence had a great time. The visit or its close glance gave us the feeling of patriotism, reading the names of martyrs on the gate made us salute them and to be proud of our nation.

 We then went to the station where we had to wait meanwhile we had fruit juice there and within few minutes his friend arrived I was pleased to meet him he drove us to Rohit’s house throughout the way both these guys got nostalgic as they recalled their past memories   it was entertaining even for me, he rode us to rohit’s home. I met Priyanka (Rohit’s wife), their lovely little son – Naman and Suhani (siddharth’s wife) all of them were really sweet and friendly. These school friends were overjoyed meeting after a long gap, now they had different experiences to share as they were married. We had tea and snacks and later went out for dinner at ‘India Habitat’ as everyone agreed for it, this centre is situated in the heart of the city it has excellent restaurants to choose from, it also plays host to a variety of cultural events it was delightful dinner post dinner we ate very famous and ultimate ‘Lovely Chuski (gola)’ at India Gate. we all slept at rohit’s place that night after chit-chat and cackle till late night, early morning  everyone had to rush for their work siddharth droped us till our hotel and left for his office. We had to reach Sweden embassy that morning for our Bio-metric test for visa procedure hence we took the necessary documents and reached embassy on time, we were done with legal formalities within two hours and went back to hotel called our friends and planned for the day today it was siddharth inviting us for lunch, while rohit and family were busy on that day so it was only four of us spending the day together. As the day passed we were off for shopping after lunch we did some shopping and then had the famous water balls of Delhi - ‘ummm’ it was stupendous and yummy I ever had. Thereafter we went to hotel for supper, bittoo and his school friend enjoyed their favourite meal ‘chicken’ whereas, I and suhani enjoyed ‘palak mutter mushroom’ as it was end of the day we all were exhausted but we caroused and stayed at their home, the next day I cooked breakfast which everyone liked, Suhani had to go to office we went back to hotel, packed our bags as either we had to leave Delhi the same day or the other , we planned to check out from there. We then went back to sid’s home on the way knowing that we were leaving Delhi same day we got bit upset ‘Oh!’ it was a small trip but full of flavors and was unforgettable one. Departing from our lovely friends we even decided to plan for the next time for more days and set forth for Ahmedabad.

                                      ‘’Friends put a smile on our faces and a spring in our step’’

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  1. Its seems you have enjoyed a lot !!
    Dilli hai hi aesi
    thats why its "Dilli Dilwalon Ki" :-)


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